Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Another side

well, well, well,
it's getting midnight here.. and i'll have basketball practice tomorrow.
just wanna share about my feeling to someone who i really like the most now! xD

when i saw my cellphone vibrating and i got a text from YOU, i'm just smiling and it refresh my mind. My headache suddenly cured.

my eyes can't stop looking at you when you're on the court. Maybe you think that i didn't even pay attention on you, but, you're completely WRONG. i always looking at you in about 10 minutes? yeah.. maybe every 10 minutes. Unfortunately, i have a bad eyesight. So i just, looking at your clothes because i can't see you face at all.

feels like, i just wanna meet you in every single day. If i don't meet you for a day, it feels like i haven't met you for a week! even if you don't text me. oooohhh, it's killing me.

i think there are some similarity between us. I wont tell you :p

but the matter is we haven't same religion. Still, i remember about this. It's really KILLING ME when i'm with you.. oh God T.T 


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