Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011


I was in camp for about one week. DBL Camp 2011 which is held in Surabaya,  July 23-28. And i’m home on July 29. My target was being a DBL All-Star 2011. But failed.

July 23th 2011

We all the top 5 and the champion of Three Point Contest  from each province was met for the first time and watched the Final game of East Java Series. It was pretty fun. There was NATE ROBINSON but he didn’t show himself when the girl’s game played. He only in the Slam Dunk contest and being a “ref” for jump ball. I thought he wasn’t really excited about it. A little bit regret. We all the audience wish that he did a Slam, but nope.

July 24th 2011 – 28th 2011

The camp started. July 24th, we did a physical test but not really as exhausted as last year. I got a pretty good result.  Next day, we had a scrimage game. My team was pretty good. And i play so on fire even though only got 4 points in that game :p but i did some rebound and blocks. Only two blocks tough.  In the evening, it was announced top 50 of about more than 100 campers(girls nor boys). And i was IN J pretty close to the All-Star –it was-From D.I. Jogjakarta, there were only me, Gabby, Jensin, and Andre. 

July 25th 2011

My knees was bad. I can’t jump as high as i could. I wasn’t in my good condition. I was a little desperate because i played not really good for the first time. But after i heard Adzan, i felt much better then. And played as on fire as usual. In the evening,there was announced top 24 (girls nor boys) of 50. But the boys, there are top 25. Gabby was IN J but me?? NOPE L Regret? Of course i was. But i’m also happy because Gabby became top 24 J at leastm there was a player from D.I. Jogjakarta. And one more thing that i’m really grateful is that Mr. Paul Rogers talked to me. He said that imma great player but just very unlucky. Well, thanks coach. I was only smile and nodded when you said that. But i’m so happy. I have done my best but may be being DBL Indonesia All-Star 2011 is not my destiny.. Last year, i also stucked in top 50. Ver very unlucky (as what Paul Rogers said).
Because i didn’t selected being top 24, i still had a camp. But it was not really tough. We didn’t really competitive as what we did for a couple days before. HAVING FUN. Unfortunately, i didn’t. I didn’t feel HAVING FUN. Just FUN. May be because a little regret of top 24, you know i’m not selected being  top 24. Still in regret. Because my target, that i dreamt everytime before, is FAILED.
DBL Indonesia All-Star 2011
I feel like, i have no more target in my basketball life. My passion of basketball is.... i don’t know. When i was in Elementary School, i always dream that i can being an WNBA Player. But now i don’t know. There is STILL no chance. WNBA in USA? What a big dream. ENERMOUS. And.... too much?
Well, everybody has a dream. May be some dreams. Or A LOT OF DREAMS. But too much dreaming about A LOT OF things is only wasting time. So? Let’s make our dream come true


When i was in Farewel Party, Mr. Paul Rogers see me and come over me and said,
You’re a great player. I believe in you. You’re a great player. Keep trying. You’re great player"

Mr. Paul Rogers and Me (DBL Camp 2010)