Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Can I Call It: Some-Freedom?

I didn't post anything since..... i have no idea.
It's been a long time. Really long time. I had soooo many idea that i could write about, but, .... i didn't have yet a pretty-long leisure on a day. And now? yes i have.
She's Sue Bird. My fave basketball player on earth!
The first thing i wanna talk about is: my first ever lovely buddy, Basketball. Oh Lord i look so pathetic -_-
Yea yea yea, i'm still in love with basketball. For sure. I even haven't play basketball for.... like a years! But thanks God i played yesterday with my new team. Hehehe
Playing basketball is like a drugs. It addicts me, and people.
I find myself when playing basketball. I don't know why.. but yeah, at this time i wanna do something else than playing basketball. I wanna do something i never did because i think my teenage-years were rubbed by him (re: basketball) hahaha. Kidding.
I think i just need some new experiences. Like now what i do. I find it really fun but also tiring. And, i can't play basketball like i used to. It's okay.. it's the consequence of my choice. I've told my coach, though.
And sometimes i realize that, i get some freedom. I could do anything i never did before. I like being a student in college (with some reasons i wont tell in this blog :p)

mmmmmmmm i think i'll write it later, and later and later if i have some leisure. Hahaha

See you next time!