Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

Presented for Seattle Storm and Sue Bird!

Well, y'all know that i love basketball.
and WNBA is my inspiration.
Sue Bird, Seattle Storm, and USA. I love it. Any way, i just wanna share about my pic.
There is a painting, made by me. 
For the first time, i didn't really sure i could do this. But day by day, I MADE IT!  yay
I chose Seattle Strom's logo because, ive said before, i love it. I do love it! <3 And Sue Bird. I <3 her :D Sometimes i steal some of her pix in the internet because, i have not meet her yet. I live in Indonesia, and she's in USA. When's she going here? or When am i going there? :D no problem though.
Yes yes yes, here is.......... 

PS: I had just arrived at home and had not change my uniform yet. I was so excited to take some pix with my Seattle Storm Painting :)

And, one more. This is not a painting. This is a picture that i made for the art class. I had not any idea to drew "whatever" picture, i mean, my teacher gave us a task to make a picture. Anything. Whatever the student want to. So, here is........


 look at the left side. That is the real pix.

May be the real pic is not good enough to see. So, here is the real pic..

How's my pix? :) i hope you like it... :D and hoping that..... Sue Bird see this post :)