Selasa, 12 September 2017

People From Far Away Land

It has been a loooong time i didn't write anything. Well, it has been..... 1 year. Was i too busy or was i too lazy? Hahahaha. To my blog reader, please be patient. I got a new kind of spirit to write because i met many people from far away land and they're in Indonesia to travel. And they have some platform they can share their travel with like : blogs, video(youtube) , instagram, or even website.

Well, i help my cousin run her business these days. She made her home into Bed & Breakfast. The name is Antasena Bed & Breakfast. So that's why i can meet many people from far away land. I was very nervous meeting foreign people. But then it a little bit disappear when i joined SSEAYP in 2015, because i had to speak english all the time with another participants. Though the participants were not from english speaking countries, it helped me a lot and improve my ability to speak in english. And today, as i'm doing a kind of "host"-ing, so i met many foreign people and that's make me have to speak english - again. Which is good.

Two Italian Familes
I met many traveler who resign from the job because they want to travel. They left their job,  and some left their home and start travelling. I was wondering how come they do that. And what i found was simple : we only live once. But some also have a heart broken problem and that's why they travel. And recently, i find another reason why people travel, especially with the kids : they want to spend the days with the kids because they didn't have enough time with the kids. So, since the kid didn't go to school yet, they made it into a family trip. It's interesting.

You work hard, you resign, and you travel. And repeat. But yea not all of them are like that. Some traveler have one year off and they travel, and when they go back home, they still have a job. That's more reasonable for me.

Me (right) and My Sister (left)

Me (right. Pardon my face) and the sisters
The different perspective of the way of living is simply amaze me. I mean, there are waaaay different perspectives about it and we live on the same earth. This made me realize that we do live in different way, but it doesn't mean we have to hate each other. This kind of thought i got after i enjoyed talking with the guests. Even with the Indonesians i feel like i can learn a lot of things from them. I even learnt about how the children who have different intelligent couldn't fit to our educational system. A fish can not climb a tree. Turtle can not fly.

The neighborhood country guests

Their kids name was Chiaretta (left) and Titi (right)
Not only about the story behind every person, but being able to explain Jogjakarta's culture and tourism to them is the most important thing. Most of the foreign want to go to Jogja because they want to see Borobudur, which is not in Jogja. And Borobudur itself is not only a statue. It has a big and deep story behind that i've never know (because i've never been there with a tour guide or someone who knows it very well).

And i've just understand this after i met more and more people : If you know more about java, especially Jogja, you'll really interest in it. Not that i'm an ethnocentric, but i think if people understand the big picture of Indonesian's culture which is different in each region, they'll love it. That because culture is not just a statue, nor dance, nor songs. Even more. Culture is embodied in our heart, our behavior, our way of life. Then, i think that, live in a bustling city will create another cultural behavior and of course, the value of life. That's why, you guys, who live in those kind of city, get your ass off the chair and start to have vacation! *note to myself*

Well, it's maghrib already. And i have no idea what kind of story i've written about. Hahaha. It just a random thought that i want to share about with you you you, yes, you! (Dodit's Style)

-- if there is anything wrong about the grammar, let me know! i'm learning to write in english anyway --