Minggu, 17 Desember 2017

How I Miss Basketball

Hi! It's nice to write again about anything random in my mind. And this time i'd like to write about what i feel lately. How I miss basketball.. It's quite sad when i finish to write that sentence though.

I feel like i miss it badly. I don't know why i feel it but yea, I don't play basketball for any tournaments now. But it's not about the hardwork and tiring practice. No no. It just about.... the excitement. The race of the heartbeat when we watch the game, the supporters, the venue. Everything.

I try to create an account about basketball that i can manage to see the newest update of basketball in Indonesia or the world. It didn't work as i expected yet but it feels good to know about the current issues like match-fixing, Sue Bird who has relationship with a soccer player - haha, and so on. Thanks to mainbasket who keep it update with basketball thing. HAHAHA. Well, that's all my mumbling-grumbling while waiting for something I've been doing for like years - though actually I've just started it early this year. I know it's random because it's just my random thought and feeling at this time.☻