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May be i'm too late to post this thing. but, i need to post it. It's about the best of the best players in Indonesia who have played in the largest basketball event in Indonesia, DBL. DEVELOPMENT BASKETBALL LEAGUE.

2010. The All-Star player went to Seattle, USA, to learn about basketball, about the USA's school, coaching clinic, and have about 2 match against the..... i forget the school name and the club name that have a match with 'em. any way, you can get the information about that in but, i'm not sure that there will be the english one. Only Bahasa Indonesia.

In each city or province, there will the the best 5. It named, DBL FIRST TEAM. Two guards, two forwards, and one center that selected by the commission of DBL in each city or province. I was selected in 2010 as center. but i didn't selected to go to USA. I stucked in big 50. Any way, after we are selected into the best 5, we'll have a chance to go to USA. we'll have a Training Camp in Surabaya (a city that DBL "born") and there are coaches from NBL Australia and NBL Indonesia. And also the basketball player. Last year, there were two NBL Australia's player who came there. He was Corey Williams and Roger (i forgot, again. he played in the olympic game) and some NBL Indonesia's player.. there are (that i rememberes), Joko, Randolf, Ramli, Ragil, etc. In the first year, there was NBA player, Danny Granner (how to spell it? am i true?) from Indiana Pacers. and the other and other. in 2010, the third year of DBL that selecting some DBL player to go overseas (Australia in 2008 and 2009. And in 2010, USA and Malaysia)

The DBL All Star has two part. Part one, in the USA. And the second, in the Malaysia. The second part named DBL Selection. Not all the part one's player join to this team. So, the player in the DBL Selection is taken from the big 24.

Those all is a bit review about DBL. The largest basketball event in Indonesia!
Now, i wanna tell you about the part one. The girl of DBL Indonesia All-Star 2010.

here they are...

i can tell you a lil about them. Not all though :p

#4  : Indri. From DBL Central Java Series
#5  : Stephanie? I don't really know her.. i think she's the MVP of her DBL 2011 series.
#6  : Linda? I know nothing about her :/
#7  : Henni. From DBL East Java Series. She was the MVP.
#8  : Putri. Fom DBL Bali Series. She has one more chance to go to USA in 2011.
#9  : Ingrit! From DBL West Java Series. She's the MVP in 2011! one more chance..
#10:Kekey. From DBL West Java Series. 
#11:Keke. From DBL West Java Series.
#12:Olive. From DBL Bali Series. She has one more chance this year
#13:Yuni! From DBL Central Java Series. She'll play in SEA GAMES this year! She's just 11 grade! AMAZING!!!! xD
#14: Novi? yeah.. i think so. From... ermmm, i don't know. She was going to Australia in 2009.
#15: Dayu. From Bali Series. A great center.

Well... I got some pics from their facebook :p i stole it. Sorry :)

 Henni in action!

i think she was giving her signature on the photo

The DBL ALL STAR 2010! 

 They were in the Seattle Strom! There is the Strom's coach

In front of the Neddle... what? i don't remember 

In the Juanda's Airport (i think so) 

Novi in free-throw 

 Ingrit and Keke. West Java's player.

 They have some practice in Surabaya before go to USA!

Putri in action! 

 Taking a pic in USA

 In USA. They had a practice too

 You all should know this. KEY ARENA! Seatlle Storm's Home!

Yuni in action! 

 Before had a game, they took a pic with their coaches :)

Olive (down) and Indri (top)

 Before the game started!

 Taking a pic, taking a relax.. SMILE! :D

 The All-Star's MVP is.. YUNI! xD awesome! good job Yun :D

Had a meal in Burger King

This year is my last DBL chance. Go to USA.. God gimme one more chance. WORK HARDER and HARDER!!!!!!!!!!
That's all for now.. Enjoy the post :) enjoy your day..

                           PLAY SMART,
                                                       AND CONFIDENT!

Senin, 09 Mei 2011

What My Blog Should Be?

well, I'm still thinking, WHAT MY BLOG SHOULD BE.
i want to write about basketball, my life, and... maybe, what i feel at the time..
Still i wanna get what thing that should i write to.!!!

Next blogging about DBL ALLSTAR 2010 and my Seattle Storm paint!! :D

Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Basketball schedule

Good Afternoon anyone :)
well, today is Tuesday. and today, i supposed to go to the Massanger because my knee's injured.
I'll have basketball practice today.. maybe, ADDITIONAL PRACTICE. because i haven't any practice for 3 days. i had a basketball game though..
 so today, my new coach, Coach Gwan Chin, give us a day to have the additional practice. well, i'm a bit terrified with the practice :p

here is my basketball schedule. and maybe.. that's why i look thinner that yet.

Moday         ---> Pra-pon
Tuesday      --->Pra-pon (for today. usually, tuesday is off)
Wednesday  --> School and club
Thursday     --->Pra-pon
Friday         --->Porprov
Saturday     --->School
Sunday       ---> Porprov and Pra-pon

that's not that busy as the TIMNAS have..
Allright.. i have to ENJOY all of the practice because i want to be the DBL Indonesia All-Star 2011 :)