Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Basketball schedule

Good Afternoon anyone :)
well, today is Tuesday. and today, i supposed to go to the Massanger because my knee's injured.
I'll have basketball practice today.. maybe, ADDITIONAL PRACTICE. because i haven't any practice for 3 days. i had a basketball game though..
 so today, my new coach, Coach Gwan Chin, give us a day to have the additional practice. well, i'm a bit terrified with the practice :p

here is my basketball schedule. and maybe.. that's why i look thinner that yet.

Moday         ---> Pra-pon
Tuesday      --->Pra-pon (for today. usually, tuesday is off)
Wednesday  --> School and club
Thursday     --->Pra-pon
Friday         --->Porprov
Saturday     --->School
Sunday       ---> Porprov and Pra-pon

that's not that busy as the TIMNAS have..
Allright.. i have to ENJOY all of the practice because i want to be the DBL Indonesia All-Star 2011 :) 


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