Selasa, 12 April 2011

Derrick Rose

hey! :) so long time, i didn't write on my blog.
The DBL is completely OVER and my team stucked in the Fantastic Four (we got our target any way. but not mine). And thanks God, i get one more chance to go to USA :)

Derrick Rose. The Chicago's Bulls player. #1. and i'm so in love with his game!
when i was about 10 grade, i made a magazine's cover. It was my homework. and I choose Derrick Rose as my model :p at the first time, i didn't care who he is. All i knew is "He is a NBA player". Just like that..
Recently, i watched his game in YouTube. I was curious how he play. So i download it because it would take so much time if i watched it in YouTube. Then i watched it. And................. AMAZING!
Fast, Tough, and Awesome. And one more, ANKLE BREAKER!
i'm wondering, how he can do that?!

 D.Rose in action!

not my magazine's cover :p

 He was the Rookie of The Year on 2008-2009

When the draft. Maybe.. hahahaha

All Star game!!!

 his action!!!

DR #1 with his older brothers xD

 That's all for today.. Enjoy it.

i don't really know about his life... his journey to be like this day. I will find it out. Hope so. hahahha :) 


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