Selasa, 13 September 2011

i miss my Namche Team

hi hi hi!! how are y'all doing? i'm doing good btw.
ahhhh, DBL was OVER so long time ago.
Still i remember about how me and my team had a physical practice in Boko, Yogyakarta.
Woke up early about 5:30 am. Then prepare for physical practice in Sunday morning.
Felt freezing when we were driving to the destination.
Felt so mad when the players came late.
Felt so tired when the practice was over.
Felt so excited meeting the team.
Felt so nervous when the DBL's coming soon.
and we were going to swimming pool. I learn swimming, and the other do swimming. It was so refreshing our mind :D and doing another things together.. it was fun. 

here is the picture when we almost finished our practice in Boko:

Putri (my junior) didn't go there. I thought she has something to do

aaaaaawwww, i start missing them :( and also my coach!!
We've been off practice for some weeks. 4 weeks? may be. ouh. C'mon... i want to practice with 'em, again!!! :) and also with the new 10 grade student :)
Here is the picture of my Namche's Team. The DBL 2011 team. 

Yes.. we are NAMCHE TEAM:



# 4 = Eva, # 5 = Renni, # 6 = Fika (Me), # 7 = Putri (Junior), # 8 = Karolin, # 9 = Valen, # 10 = Klarita, # 11 = Puspa, # 12 = Sekar, # 13 = Amel, # 14 = Cintya, # 15 = Putri

Jumat, 09 September 2011

Derrick Rose in China

There will be no season this year because the lockout. Most of NBA player move to China. They do promotion, have a basketball clinic, and anything. So do Derrick Rose. He comes to China. I'm really sorry because i don't really about where he is now or what he is now. BUT, i have some pix of him when he's in China. Geez. China has a big luck having him in their country. INDONESIA WANTS DERRICK ROSE! And me too :3

tha'ts all for me :)

My Incredible, DERRICK ROSE