Minggu, 06 November 2011

Kota Jogja IS the Winner (Porprov XI 2011)

We won. We are the CHAMPION. We are the WINNER.

Thanks to GOD :)
Thanks tp my parents.
Thanks to my sisters .
Thanks to my team.
Thanks to the suppoter.
Thanks to any one who had believe that WE can be the WINNER :)

The final game was very tough. We ALMOST lost in that game! Thanks GOD.
We got what we had expected. GOLD MEDAL (again). And we did it!

It's so sad when i have to lost my team-mates. I love them. They such as my family. And i feel like i'm one of them. I just LOVE them soooo much. and miss 'em extremely bad.
Since we won, i never met 'em again till now. Well, they had asked me to go out or whatever, but i couldn't! why i always have something to do when they're asking me? :/

KOTA JOGJA'S Woman Basketball got the GOLD :)

Well, even though the men basketball didn't got it, they had done the best! Silver isn't that bad tough..
Any way, Here is my team-mates:

# 4   : Veti Vera
#5    : Novie Benyamin
#6    : Cindy Virginita
#7    : Woro Wardhani Hasan
#8    : Ryanita Isepta Putri Jati
#9    : Dewi Nur S
#10  : Annisaul M
#11   :Monalisa Saputri Ali
#12  : Fika Nurazam Wirastuti (ME)
#13  : Claudia Evelina
#14  : Cicilia Risma Bertianita
#15  : Michaela Tantri A

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