Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Is it over?

We never get into relationship.
I feel this way since your ended up with your ex.
I thought she was great.
She wears hijab as well.
I thought she was your real girlfriend.
But you ended up your relationship.

I was so okay when you with her..
She’s better than me (in a photo).
I was so FINE.
And I didn’t even think about you.

When you ended up with her,
I forgot what I feel.
But step by step,
My feeling to you just peep out
With no permission.
I don’t know why….

And today,
I am thinking about you all day long.
Don’t you feel it?
I ask Allah to make you feel as what I feel.
But, I don’t know.
Whether Allah grant it or not.

I’ve said that I want to move on.
BUT when I was ready for it,
And makes me remembering you.
‘till now.

It’s kinda crap.
I want to move on.
But, I didn’t ready yet.
Because next February I will meet him.
If I’m still alive tough.

You don’t show your tweet.
It’s kind of… missing you.
Yes, I’ve removed you.
Yes, I’ve deleted you.
Should I unfollow your acc so that I can forget you?
But hey,
We’ll meet again.
I’ve promise this thing on you.
This is a promise.
So, let the time flows.
May be this is the best thing from Allah.
Allah wants me to be a strong women?
May be..
I’m just tired of these things.
I’m absolutely tired.
Do you ever feel it?

I never know what you feel to me.
I’m hopeless though.
Why I can not let you go?
Why there’s something in me which CAN NOT let you go?
Ya Allah, answer me………..

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