Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011


Comment ca va? :D

This morning, i'm looking for scrapbook in -of course- google.
Some of them are cute!
i like the handmade than the computerize because its very cute.
i like anything cute though :3

When i was 11 grade and doing nothing for my holiday, i decided to make scrapbook.
i didn't but the book. I made it myself. i mean, there was an old magazine i didn't read any longer, and i had an idea to make it as scrapbook.
And i think if i can reuse it, so it means that i'm such as a "green peace".

I'm still the beginner. So, i just made it whatever i want to. 

It mostly talks about my basketball life and my familiy.
It ain't talk, i mean, it's telling the reader about those things.
I like my first handmade scrapbook even though it just the first time for me to make it. hehehe

and here we go. My Handmade Scrapbook...

The Book of Me's cover

It looks that i'm a narsism. hahahhaa
I've told you it's about my life.. it's kind of autobiography.

The 1st page. It's about what i want to. I want to go to Paris

2nd page. It's telling you about my lovely siblings :) 4 sisterhood

Next, 3rd page. My fam's album. Does it look like a srapbook? 

Then i have another page..

Talking about how my basketball life is begin..

That's about my inspirations. And the next is why i can play basketball 'till now..

"And my journey's started". look at the right pic. That's me et ma seour

The team i've joined about. I have many friends and feel like my own family

That's when i was in DBL camp '10 & '11

The last page.. just it. My cousins made it. She's great :)

Well, that's all from me this morning.
Good morning universe. Selamat pagi. Sugeng enjang. Be a great day.
Good morning RiCe, let's awake and rock the world! and meet me.

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