Selasa, 14 Februari 2012


I had never karaoke-ing since me and my classmates did.
It happened on Thursday. Yes, it must be a school-day but it didn't.
We were only had 2 lessons for that day. Accounting and Sport.
The next lessons would be Sociology, BK, and History but our teacher didn't come to class because some reasons.
So, in the Sociology class we discussed where are we going after this.
There were so many idea coming but finally we decided to Karaoke-ing.
Unfortunately there were 2 persons didn't join with us (i forgot who were that persons)

We went to Hyperbox, the karaoke place, by motorcycle.
All was fine on the road..
Arrived in the Hyperbox, i amazed.
This place is SO COOL. VERY MUCH!
We booked the VIP room because there were 23 persons!

The room was SO NICE. And big (ofc)
And there is a disco-lamp on top.
It makes us feels like clubbing

me (center)

We danced, we jumped, we sang, we had fun!
Laugh, laugh, laugh, and laugh.
Ah… My classmates are so COOL.
It was so lovely spending a day with them..
After the exams are done, i would like to go somewhere with them (again) :)

my girls

my boys
XII IPS 2 (w/o Bajuri, cz he took this pic, Timun, and Nanda)

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