Sabtu, 14 April 2012

The Misterich

Misterich isn't a monster.
He is a man. Good man.
He is not really tall and very good looking.
Some girls say that he is handsome and gorgeous.
So do i.

Misterich is funny.
He knows how to make joke,
even though sometimes it's not funny at all.

Misterich is a good communicator.
He knows how to get the women's heart.

Misterich is a hardworker.
He earns some money by a bussiness.
He flight to another island to keep his bussiness well.

Now, Misterich have a target.
A great target but, they have a difference.
And it makes a problem if one of them can't give in.
He don't really mind about it for now but he still confused.
He'll break the rules if he wanna have a great connection with his target.

Watch your step Misterich. I keep my eyes on you.

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