Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

The Controller

Thank you very very very extremly bunch much for you, dear my Controller.
You’ve always put me in the right track whenever i’m getting down to the very wrong damn track. Thanks.
I really really apreciate you, dear my Controller.

What you’ve warned to me is really really work even though i obeyed  you by swearing something i don’t remember about. I felt like, you insisted me to do whatever you said to me but now i really understand how the thing’s work. I don’t have any idea whether  you have something’s purposed or not. I don’t care. The things i care about is... You know how to control me as long as i’m living with you.

I miss you, dear my Controller.
You’ve been there about 2 weeks. And... you’ll be here on the next two weeks! Yey!
See, it means that you’re gone about a month and i am absolutely miss you.
You were always staying at home and, voila, you’re home whenever i’m homey. And FOOD. Geez! I miss them for sureeee. :D

Hmmm, I just don’t have any idea what will be happen if we’re really really “separated” by the time or the things we have to done. We all know that we’re going to be such a WOMAN. And i... i just don’t even know how face it. Oh my.. i am too much having fantasy about the future.

Dear my Controller,
So excited having you here with me again! Yey!
Even though i have to ready for the consequent when you’re here.
I’m gonna prepare my ears, my heart, and my... anything i need to face the bloody hell sarcasm comment you’ll say. Hahaha ;)

Dear my Controller,
Yes. I MISS YOU. Really really absobloodylutely MISS YOU :*

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