Rabu, 30 Desember 2015

Remind It, Girl

This is a journey..
an extra ordinary journey for a girl who never get out of her land, her mother land
the most challenging journey she ever had
the journey where a crowd of people gather along,
in the unknown places she had never knew before

Somepeople said it is a once in a life time journey,
Some people said it is a life changing experiences
Some people said it is a life where everthing could be happen..
But she said, it is a journey finding the true life..
the life as a human, the life of nature, and the life where we have to respect even in the small things.

Memories come everytime, every second,
it will never gone until she realizes that this is new spirit,
not just a memory that appears and make her down because it won't happen the same..
Memories come,
The spirits come along the way,
She's coming home,
with a lot of new memories, and super a lot of new spririts...
Let's get on fire!


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