Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire, CHIKA

Monday, March 3rd 2012
my best friend Chika Amalia Zulfiana had 16th birthday.
Me and my new friend, whose name is Chika also, made a kind of Birthday Surprise :)
we had planned it one day before we did. But Chika prepared everything 2 day before the BIG DAY.
It was rain. Nearly all day long.
We fought against the rain! (huwohohoho)
and about 8pm we went to mcD, well actually we didn't plan there but in her house. It's kind of out of the plan but it didn't matter.
knock knock knock

she fell asleep in her car when we knocked her car's windows. But it ain't a big deal :)
She loves the gift we made :D
(gotta show it soon bcs the uploader isn't work properly)
Yesterday was a very very pleasant day for me :)

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