Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

How Important Basketball for Me

Good Evening :)

Well, may be you think that i am boring. I talk about basketball, basketball, and basketball.. May be you think that, i couldn't get any conversation but basketball. But that's all wrong. In this blog, i just wanna share about everything special in my life :)

This blog makes me saying I LOVE BASKETBALL again after about a couple years ago i did insanely. This is the way to be loving basketball and keep on fire (again) to have some practice. I'm 16 years old. I'm 11 grade. So, i need to be a BASKETBALL FANATIC (BF).

I knew him since in elementary school. I watched a cartoon named SLAM DUNK. I thing everybody who loves this game know what it is..
My Oldest Sister teach me some basketball technique such as Passing. The only thing i remembered.
In Junior High School, i joined to the team. Then in the second semester of 7 grade, i went to the club. In the 8grade, i moved to another club named SAMUDRA till present.

When i got headache or a bit stressed :p my boy cure me.. When i feel fat, my boy heal me.. and so on. Many things he did for me till now.
Okay, it sounds crazy but, this is the FACT.

Basketball meeting me to my BEST FRIENDS. Even my close friend :p
Basketball gimme some money to buy some clothes, bag, shocks, etc
Basketball makes my healthcare better
Basketball teach me about RESPECT, LOVE, and STRUGGLE
Basketball let me go to another city in Java
Basketball .................................

i have no idea anymore. There are a LOT things that him did to me. I can't mention it one by one. TOO MUCH :p

Well, that's what i feel to him right now.. How important basketball in my life.


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