Senin, 24 Januari 2011

A Little Thing About NAMCHE

in Bahasa Indonesia, my school is SMA (Sekolah Menengah Atas) Negeri 6 Yogyakarta if we translate it in google translate, it would be High School District 6 or may be High School Negeri 6 Yogyakarta but those all were completely WRONG. Don't use google translate to make a sentence :p In English, it must be 6 Senior High School Yogyakarta or we called it 6 SHS, but it sounds great if we call NAMCHE. Why SMA Negeri 6 Yogyakarta is NAMCHE?

NAM is Enam (In Bahasa Indonesia). In english is SIX = 6.
CHE is C. The third alphabet. first is A second is B third is C.
So the formal structure is 6C. Why we got C in our school name?
Because C meant my school was good in the soCial department . If we got A, it meant, we good in the sAins department. If we got B, it meant we good in the Language or in Bahasa Indonesa is Bahasa. Bahasa = Language.

I have no idea, why i'm in this school. why did i choose this school as my High School??
First reason, my Score wasn't enough to get SMA 8. but actually, my score was really enough to get SMA 2 which ppl thought that, this school is better than NAMCHE. But i didn't think so. I got the chemistry with this school even though when i was walking around the school building, i underestimated it.
Second? there is nothing reason but the first :p I was soooo disappointed when i didn't got into SMA 8. But day by day, month by month, i finally understand why i am stuck in this school.. there are many wisdom that I get.
NAMCHE. If you are really NAMCHE, you will understand what TOGETHERNESS is.
Well, that’s all for me. That’s a little thing that I know in NAMCHE. Actually, not only “that” thing. There are many things that I know but, it’ll be so great if you see yourself about my NAMCHE :D

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  1. alesannya sama :p
    nice post :D

  2. maaf, itu ada yang salah..
    harusnya SAINS itu B
    Bahasa itu A. huaaa, maaf maaf