Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

DINAMIT by UPN isn't that success as what i've imagined

hey hey hey.. i'm back :D

well, UBC (UPN Basketball Cup) haven't yet finished. Still on Feb, 14. But my team lost in the first game. and we didn't make any history even a change. They still won and i think that they will be the first champion (again). Everyone (who is a high school basketball player) in this city will be envy with 'em. So do i. Honestly, yeah. they played better than mine. They have so many "stock" in their team... how cool is that huh?

I won't to talk about the teams who join in UBC. but i just wanna talk about the event organizer. The people who handle this competition. The commisions. The crews. The people who make this event become success..
Frankly, i hate 'em. I don't like 'em. yeah, i know that they are older than me but i think that they all never watched any basketball competition. Never join to the competition. They just wanna be a simple and easy. The Contact Person (CP) didn't replied SMS as soon as what we need. too late. When the Technical Meeting was started, some of 'em smoking in the place that we (the guys who invited to the TM. represent the each school team) were in. They look like, they don't even have any attitude. If they wanna smoke, just go out and go ahead. Smoke as much as you want! Don't smoke in the same place with us. NEVER. It's a technical meeting, Sir!!!!!!
oh, i nearly forget. The TM at 5:00 pm and the statement letter? idk what's that in english.. but in Indonesia is "SURAT PERNYATAAN" i translated it on google, become like this, "PERSONAL STATEMENT" is it true? well, in the "SURAT PERNYATAAN" there are some rules (such as if there is two teacher when the game is started, and so on) if we break the rules we have to pay Rp 30.000.000,00 as the punishment or about US$ 3.000! WTF. They're too affraid. They're hyper! oh maaaaannnnnnnnnn *30million thumbs down*
After the game was over, my friend meet a new friend who is the one of UBC commission. and he ask me my friend's cellphone number. And he looked like, WEIRD. FREAK. His act, the way he ask me, so WEIRD. not the face. not his appearance. but his ACT. His attitude. WHAT A SUCK! *two thumbs down*

That's all from me today. Be better for the next year UPN's crew!!!!!

3 komentar:

  1. Sometimes not all of them (every person at the committee of EO) are understand about sportmans rules. Just understandable. Keep the spirit. Dont despair, ok.
    Always love basketball.

  2. heh, mimpi bwat jadi anak pelatnas?
    banyak maen di berbagai team, banyak belajar dari banyak coach, kalo emank itu target utama jangan ampe dipatahkan oleh apapun, like me ... hahahah ...

    tetep balance ma pendidikan, itu yang paling penting...

  3. caranya biar bisa main diberbagai tim gimana?