Senin, 14 Februari 2011

wow :o they all amazing!

Oh My GOD! :o i'm so amazed. There are some friends who get in the PELATNAS. it's such a basketball national camp.. I don't really know what PELATNAS is but that's all what i know.
i was looking in my home page on facebook and i found this. She and her friends?

pelatnas (the girls)

well, i stole this picture from my friend's account.
there are some girls that i know. There are:
  • Tsara (from Jakarta)
  • Yuni (from Jawa Tengah)
  • Kekey (from Jawa Barat)
  • Dayu (from Bali)
  • Keke (from Jawa Barat)
  • Gita ( i don't know where she come from but i've practiced with her at UGM basketball practice)
  • Debby (from Jawa Tengah. She's awesome!)
  • Fika Nurazam Wirastuti? (from Jogjakarta, not join yet :D)
That's all...

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