Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Imma Challenger and a Dreamer

I'm growing up. Gettin' mature day by day.. and have so many experience. my mom's is A LOT though.
You've known that i'm in the 11grade. I've some new experience. and mostly, they are such a challenge? adventure? hmmmm, may be adventure. And when i'm adventuring, there are some CHALLENGE inside. When i get this thing, i let myself smile and just accept it as a fun thing. I don't know why, i do love to doing this. Challenge is FUN ! :D i don't even know how myself love this thing.

But, one of many challenge in my live that i want to do is living overseas. Leaving my home sweet home. Leaving Jogjakarta. Leaving Indonesia, then stayin' in USA or Europe. Without mom, dad, and my sisters. And i will be so cool.

"I'm in USA. I know nobody there but my coach. then he meet me to my teammates. Then we'll become a family and have a lot of friends. it will be so cool.. Go to USA because the scholarship. Have a job over there. Have my own salary. Have a part-time-job. Playing basketball.. then be a famous success girl ever! :D "


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