Senin, 14 Februari 2011

my favorite basketball player

William Darmasaputra. he's not a NBA player. not yet :p
He'll get into NBL Indonesia after he graduate his college. He wanna play in LIBAMA (such as NCAA basketball. It's my local university basketball competition). I know who he is, when i'm in 9 grade. Now, he's a basketball player of PERBANAS.

 he has represented Indonesia

He was in the national team. twice? or more? i don't know.. but, i was soooooo amazed when he's playing basketbal.. so awesome. i didn't find any video about his game. May be, not now.. 3 years later? who knows...
And, there are some photos of his action! :D WD#8

when it was LIBAMA

 Represented Indonesia

 Represented Indonesia with the whole team

 playing represented him university

 playing represented him university

 jump shoot!


 fade away jump shoot

 with him university's team
 When he was in USA

 in USA

 When he was in Malaysia

 he is one of the Satria Muda's player!

 he got the ticket to go to USA! unbelievable!

That's all for now :)

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