Senin, 14 Februari 2011

my new friend :)

i knew her from facebook. and we never meet.
she added me as her friend. i don't know how she can find me.. but, i'd like to have a new friend :) . She's from Serbia. She's a basketball player there. We have a same age. We both wear number 6 as our jersey.
Her name's Jovana Vidakovic. After a long time we know each other, sometimes we share about our feeling. about basketball, etc. She support me when i feel bad nor sad :) We have a same dream : Go to USA.
She has represented Serbia in FIBA U-16. She was in national team! oh geez!!! :o it's amazing. I'm so proud to know her :)
I really want to see her when she's playing basketball.

here are some photos of her. I stole them from her facebook (sorry Jovana :p)

 When she played in FIBA

 Jovana #6 vs France player
 They got win on the game

 This is her profile picture when we meet at the first time (in Facebook)

 Shoot! you go girl!

 The Serbian's team. Jovana #6 (down left)

 Her action!

And there are some advice to me, from her. She's a nice friend :) 

"Don't eat greasy and candy" --> When i said what my weight increased

"Look , everybody had a time when they are not sure in that what are they doing . Sometimes I felt like I'm not good at some thing , even at the bball . And when that happens , I don't know , I just let it to go away . "

"Don't worry , everything is just gonna be fine ;) Believe me :) Just keep on hard working , and don't think about that to much. .And someone is looking at you ! Here's an example , I'm playing bball cause I want to show the world that I'm not just regular kid next door , I want to be something more than that , I just wanna be a person that have changed the world somehow :)  And you got to have a reason why are you palying bball :) "

"You're right :) Every man has a fail in his life , and if he tries again , he'll succed :) Our greatest glory is not in never falling , but in rissing every time we fall  :) "

Allright, those all a lil of her advice.. so meaning to me.
We've good friendship :) even tough we never meet each other :)

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the days :D

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